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Nipak has fostered a strong network of relationships throughout the waste packaging industry and this allows us to offer the most relevant compliance advice and support for our clients.

Across the Leaf Group we maintain a professional dialogue with the regulators, local authorities, institutes and policy makers. This means our advice is up to date and ensures that your voice is heard.

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Nipak Professional Relationships

Nipak Compliance Relationships

Waste Packaging Producer Responsibility

Waste Packaging Producers

  • If your business meets the government thresholds for waste packaging compliance then you are a producer and we would like to talk with you. As part of the Leaf Group we offer waste packaging and environmental audits along with evidence and experience based compliance advice. If you become a member of the Nipak compliance scheme we will take on board your legal responsibility, help to analyse your activities by material and volume, interpret the law and register you with the appropriate agency. We will calculate and fulfill your obligations for you.
  • We work with businesses of all sizes from small-scale Northern Irish producers such as manufacturers to complex distribution groups with obligations throughout Europe. Our member portfolio, and thus experience, looks after organisations from many sectors.

Northern Ireland Manufacturers Converters

Packaging Manufacturers & Converters

  • A manufacturer produces the raw materials that are used in packaging, such as generating tinplate steel for tins.
  • A converter turns the raw material into packaging, such as forming tinplate steel into sardine tins.

Northern Ireland Fillers Seller

Packaging Fillers & Sellers

  • The filler adds the contents to the can or applies packaging to a product. For example, the sardine factory fills tins with sardines. The filler also puts the tins into cardboard cartons before they go to the wholesaler.
  • The seller can be either the wholesaler who sells the cardboard cartons full of tins to the retailer or the retailer who sells the tins to the consumer.
  • Packaging will always be an essential part of the supply chain as goods need to be protected in transit; from supplier to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, retailer to consumer, to home. Our job is to interpret the law according to your activity in the supply chain and make sure your obligations are calculated correctly.

Northern Ireland Re-processers

Re-processors & Packaging Recovery Notes

  • A packaging recovery note is evidence that a unit of material has been recovered and recycled by an accredited re-processor such as a metal recycling plant.
  • PRNs are traded on an open market model and prices fluctuate according to the market environment.
  • As a compliance scheme Nipak purchases PRNs according to our members aggregated packaging activity by material. We have established strong working relationships with PRN brokers over many years and we monitor the price of tariffed material and purchase notes prudently on behalf of our members according to activity. We also purchase directly from accredited re-processors and have been keen to foster relationships with small Scottish (and highland and island) recycling initiatives to support localised environmental agendas.

Northern Ireland Compliance Schemes

Other Compliance Schemes

  • We work with other compliance schemes in non-compete areas to ensure that we all benefit by sharing information.
  • We coordinate with compliance scheme working groups for strategic policy direction and co-ordinating operational processes.

Local Authorities Northern Ireland

Local Authorities

  • Nipak is eager to work with accredited re-processors that fall under the remit of local authorities and bolster environmental initiatives that benefit communities. 

Northern Ireland Regulators and Agencies

Regulators and Agencies

  • As an accredited compliance scheme Nipak is audited each year by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to ensure that our processes meet the standards expected of them. We maintain a professional dialogue with the regulators to make sure that the compliance advice we give is relevant and correct.
  • Our members are audited and we attend these audits as part of our member support.


Advisory Committee on Packaging

  • The Nipak Managing Director is a member of the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) and is engaged at research level on task forces.
  • When the government asks the industry what it thinks Nipak always has an opinion. We regularly respond to formal policy and regulatory consultation documents.

Professional Institutons

Professional Institutions

  • Simon Stringer is a full member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and is the founder chair of the Ireland branch of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. Our representation at policy and institute level keeps us current and informed on the wider issues of the environment, sustainability and packaging waste management.

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If you think that your business might reach or breach the thresholds for the packaging waste obligations in Northern Ireland we can help you make the best decisions for your business. Contact us for advice about how to become compliant and stay within the law.