Well, We’re just back from the show.  It says it is “The Exhibition is the coming together of four industry leading events – The Energy Event, The Renewables Event, The Water Event and RWM. Each of the events serves sectors that over time have become more intertwined”.

What do I think?  It’s a three day show, which has panel discussions, case studies and other presentations along with lots of big trucks and diggers and things, and many smaller products that support the industries mentioned above.  In my infinite wisdom and faith in the electrickery of the modern world, I followed the calendar link which put a note in my calendar for each of the seminars or panel discussions that I thought I’d like to go to.  However, at least a couple of changes occurred and so I missed the bulk of them, which was a shame.

It’s a great spot for meeting people, either by arrangement or by design.  It can provide an opportunity to catch up on the gossip or figure out what the gossip is!  Some deals are even done there while playing mini golf.  It does seem to be getting smaller though, and but the number of people to catch up with is increasing (especially on the busy Wednesday)!  A couple slipped off the schedule this year, so apologies to you.

Will I be there next year – probably, and with any luck I’ll timetable better.


   -Simon Stringer