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"Well, as we know the packaging waste regulations have been around for almost 20 years. This is quite a while, given the pace of change of legislation. Nipak has been approved for 15 of those years and I personally have been working with producer responsibility for 18. Quite a while really. Under the auspices of Leaf Environmental I recently undertook research for the current President's Report of The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management - "18 years on - is the UK system still fit for purpose"?

James Piper successfully launched Ecosurety's new product Circularety last night (27th September). James suggested that there had really only been one significant innovation in the twenty years of the current system; that being the introduction of the electronic national packaging waste database (NPWD).  I know that I am an elder lemon in this sphere so just wanted to make a few observations.

My recollection is that Barry van Danzig mounted a legal challenge that gave us Wastepack and initiated choice in compliance schemes. We were to have only one (Valpak) but thanks to Barry we now have over 40 schemes. Wastepack were also innovative in their pink bag scheme. My age means that I don't recall the details but they were being presented as an alternative (to the PRN) form of evidence although SEPA didn't allow it in the end.

John Mooney runs a compliance scheme called Ethical Compliance and his members have joined because they want to be assured that the proximity principle has been adhered to. All the PRNs are from UK-based re-processors, not exporters.

Scotpak (part of the Leaf Group) has over the years been proud to support Scottish re-processors such as Comhairle nan Eileann Siar, Shetland Amenity Trust and Tracey Recycling."

Simon Stringer

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