Ian Andrews

Nipak New Start

It's almost two months since Ian Andrews joined us at the Nipak office near Belfast following his departure over the summer from the Environment Exchange in Edinburgh. Ian's family has now joined him in his childhood home town of Bangor and we wish them all the best in settling in and hope they find a warm welcome in County Down.

How has the change been? For Nipak and Scotpak, it has been great having a colleague who has almost as much experience as we do; albeit in the related packaging recovery note (PRN) trading and brokering related field. Ian's very particular background and PRN experience certainly encourages interesting exchanges of ideas. Ian has now been experiencing packaging compliance from the other side of the fence. He is becoming acquainted with our with our member base, building relationships and attending agency audits.

The last four weeks have flown in with a mix of visits, audits and getting up to speed with the demands of the compliance scheme role. It has been interesting to learn how the so called ‘back office’ function of a compliance scheme operates. What I have learned very quickly is the high level of support which is provided to members to ensure the information they are reporting is correct. After spending many years focusing on the very narrow aspect of PRN trading and pricing it is refreshing to be able to identify with the additional level of support the schemes provide to their members.

I’m pleased that I have finally been joined by mu family here in Northern Ireland and we are all busy with the challenges of settling into new roles whether they be at school or new work opportunities. With the 2017 compliance year on the horizon, focus has started to shift on the challenges ahead next year. I’m look forward to the new experiences of dealing with member submissions early in the new year.
— Ian Andrews