2016 Packaging Compliance Figures

Growth reported for 2016 across all materials

The Environment Agency have now released preliminary recycling figures for 2016 which show compliance was met with relative ease last year. Growth was reported across all materials with some performing a remarkable turnaround on the 2015 compliance period. In total the market recycled and recovered in excess of 8.2 million tonnes, comfortably meeting the 2016 target of 7.7 million tonnes and provided some strong carry over tonnage into 2017.

The largest increase was seen in the Energy for Waste (Recovery) sector with levels reaching 61% more than the previous period. This was down to waste management companies bringing new facilities online which met stricter registration guidelines set down by the government. Aluminium, Steel and Plastic all reported growth in double figures with 18%, 14% and 13% respectively. Both the Paper and Wood markets reported smaller growth percentages buoyed by an upturn in traded note values towards the end of 2015. The glass market, although reporting some growth, saw the Aggregate note supply decline however this was offset against good growth on the Remelt side of the market. This was down to the desire of Remelt companies in the UK to target raw material for the facilities that were developed during the period of high glass PRN values in 2012 and 2013.

In the coming weeks we will get confirmation of materials targets for the period from 2018 – 2020 from the government. Give the strength of last year’s recycling levels it would appear the market will be able to cope with the increased targets being discussed.


-Ian Andrews