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NI Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme

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About Nipak

Nipak is the only dedicated local packaging compliance scheme in Northern Ireland.

Nipak is part of the Leaf Group, which has been supplying environmental compliance services and data management support throughout the UK and Ireland since 2000. We are distinguished by our diligence, experience and ethical approach.

As a compliance scheme we work with obligated businesses large and small, across many sectors in Northern Ireland. With an office just outside Belfast we are positioned to offer hands-on compliance services throughout the province.

The Leaf Group also has a dedicated office and member scheme based in Glasgow serving Scotland and the rest of Great Britain. Both schemes are supported by a Dublin-based waste packaging consultancy serving the UK & Ireland.

About Our Clients

Packaging handlers and waste producers that breach thresholds set by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) are obligated to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Our members are Northern Irish businesses with a legal responsibility to "offset" the packaging they introduce into the marketplace. They might be manufacturers, converters, packers & fillers, sellers or importers. We also work with accredited re-processors.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to calculate and fulfil the obligations of any business or group is to become a member of an accredited compliance scheme such as Nipak. 

Nipak members are motivated to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging. They are keen to minimise obligations and reduce environmental impact.

For More Information

Tell us the best way to reach you and one of the Nipak team will get in touch.

MediCare has been with Nipak since 2003 and together we have grown our businesses. Nipak and Leaf staff provide pro-active support and guidance. We have been through several audits and have every confidence that they are keeping us right as we have €˜sailed through each one. Simon and his team have a breadth and depth of knowledge that covers not only our sector, but our whole supply chain.
— Operations Director, MediCare

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If you think that your business might reach or breach the thresholds for the packaging waste obligations in Northern Ireland we can help you make the best decisions for your business. Contact us for advice about how to become compliant and stay within the law.


Packaging Waste Compliance

Northern Ireland Compliance Scheme


Packaging Waste Compliance

Northern Ireland Compliance Scheme

Nipak Circular Economy

NI Packaging Waste Producer Obligations

Northern Ireland Waste Packaging Regulations aim to promote a more sustainable approach to packaging waste in Northern Ireland. They are designed to reduce the amount of packaging that local businesses introduce into the waste stream or consign to landfill and encourage reuse and recycling. Packaging regulations are built on the principal that the polluter pays. 

"Packaging is any material used to hold, protect, handle, deliver and present goods. This covers the whole packaging supply chain from the raw material to the finished goods."   (GOV.UK)
A producer is deemed to be a company or group that performs any of six specific activities on packaging or has those activities carried out on their behalf, and breaches government thresholds.

Reduce, reuse, recycle - better for the environment and for profitability

In the first instance producers should aim to reduce packaging use. This of course benefits both the environment and the bottom line. A waste packing audit is a good place to start. At Nipak we don't want to simply help you meet your obligations, we want to help you reduce them.

Activity, material and thresholds

The amount a producer much recover or recycle (or show evidence of same through Packaging Recovery Notes) depends on;

  • The amount of packaging material handled by a business

  • The position of the business in the supply chain (activity)

  • The targets set by local government for each material handled.

An obligated packaging producer is one that meets both the following criteria in the previous year;

  • Generated a turnover in excess of £2 million

  • Handled (performed activity on) 50 tonnes of packaging material

Activity performed on packaging

Packaging Activity Northern Ireland
  • Manufacture

  • Convert

  • Pack / fill

  • Sell

  • Import

  • Export

Material used in packaging

Packaging Material Northern Ireland
  • Paper

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Glass

  • Aluminium

  • Steel


Threshold & Registration

  • A business becomes obligated when it reaches the thresholds in the previous calendar year.
  • Obligated producers are legally required to register as a packaging producer.
  • Businesses can register by joining a compliance scheme such as Nipak or register directly.
  • Registration through Nipak is with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Data Management

  • Businesses must declare all primary and secondary packaging activities.
  • Packaging material handling must be calculated and declared by tonnage.
  • Data submitted by Nipak is held on the public register.

Packaging Recovery Evidence

  • Nipak will calculate the obligation based on the data registered.
  • The obligation is fulfilled by the purchase of Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs).
  • PRNs are purchased from accredited re-processors based on recycling activity.
  • A PRN obligation is based on the type and volume of material handled.
  • When fulfilled the NIEA will issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).
  • Environmental compliance is a legal obligation of qualifying producers.
  • Failure to comply may attract civil penalties or criminal prosecution.

Nipak Compliance Scheme

  • Registering as a member of a scheme such as Nipak assures compliance.
  • We take on the administrative burdens of registration and data management.
  • We ensure your packaging systems and processes stay relevant and informed.
  • Based on the data you provide we take on your legal responsibility to comply.

If you think that your business might reach or breach the thresholds for the packaging waste obligations in Northern Ireland we can help you make the best decisions for your business. Contact us for advice about how to become compliant and stay within the law.


Waste Producer Responsibility

Services Northern Ireland


Waste Producer Responsibility

Services Northern Ireland

Services Northern Ireland

Waste Producer Compliance Scheme Services

Scheme & Consultancy

Nipak is an accredited waste packing compliance scheme. Our members are businesses with a diverse range of needs throughout Northern Ireland. Our scheme services are supported by the Leaf Group consultancy. We also offer a broad range of compliance support services that can be tailored to the sector-specific needs of your organisation.

As the only local compliance scheme in Northern Ireland we specialise in the challenges particular to Northern Irish producers. We have an offices in both Belfast and Dublin and one of the team will be happy to meet with you at your business to chat about your needs.

In the first instance we can help identity what if any your compliance obligations are with a waste and environmental audit, and then guide you through your options depending on the nature and volume of the waste you are responsible for.

For a full list of services see here.

Nipak Services

Nipak Services


The Leaf Group

UK & Ireland Compliance Schemes & Consultancy Services


The Leaf Group

UK & Ireland Compliance Schemes & Consultancy Services

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UK & Ireland Schemes & Consultancy services

If your business operates within the UK, the most time and cost efficient way to manage your packaging compliance obligations is to become a member of an approved compliance scheme.

As well as offering consultancy services, the Leaf Group operates two schemes that cover the whole of the UK. Northern Ireland has separate packaging waste regulations to the the rest of the UK and Nipak can advise on the relevant N.I. obligations. Scotpak covers England, Scotland and Wales. 

If you join one of our schemes we take on the legal responsibility for your business to register with the appropriate agency, meet the targets and remain compliant in your obligations on the basis of the data that you submit to us.

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Packaging Compliance for England, Scotland & Wales based in Glasgow

As a member of Scotpak all of your UK obligations can be covered by the Leaf Group.

This includes data collation and compliance services for England Scotland and Wales. Both the Nipak and the Scotpak service is distinguished by personalised client care and our broad experience across many sectors.

Leaf Environmental Dublin


UK & Ireland packaging & waste producer consultancy based in Dublin

Leaf Environmental is a leading specialist Producer Responsibility consultancy.

Leaf is dedicated to helping businesses with compliance obligations in any sector with the Producer Responsibility Initiative (PRI)  We provide a range of packaging, WEEE and battery compliance and consultancy services.

If you think that your business might reach or breach the thresholds for the packaging waste obligations in Northern Ireland we can help you make the best decisions for your business. Contact us for advice about how to become compliant and stay within the law.